Optic Neuritus

So for the last week, my left eye had been really bothering me. My left eye seemed to be real sensitive to light and causing pain when I looked to the left side too quickly. It kind of felt swollen a little too. I had kind of been attributing it to allergies, so had started taking some allergy medicine, but it didn’t really work.

Tuesday afternoon I had been sitting outside with my hand over my right eye and was looking at the sky when I noticed there were some light brown colored rain clouds in the sky.  A few minutes later I placed my hand over my left eye, only to discover that the light brown colored rain clouds I had seen weren’t really light brown at all. They were actually white fluffy clouds. This startled me a bit, so I cupped my hand over my right eye again, and again the clouds that were highest in the sky had a brownish tint to them.

You know how in some cars, they have that tinted strip that runs across the top of the windshield? I discovered that right now I have that same kind of strip that just runs across the top of my vision only in my left eye.

When I woke up Wednesday morning, I had a horrible headache, and really couldn’t see strait. Everything was too bright, and depth perception was off. I ended up not going to work, because I couldn’t hardly handle even looking at a computer screen for very long at all. I went and saw my regular doctor to rule out allergies, which he did.  Then went to see my eye doctor. He dialated and thouroughly checked my eyes and found the eyes themselves to clear and fine. Upon my discriptions however he said it was optic neuritis that probably stems from my MS.

Optic Neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve that may cause complete or partial loss of vision. It shows up as blurring, loss of acuity, loss or change in color perception.  In MS it is usually caused by the demylination of the nerve that serves the retina of the eye.  He said that it can often come and go in MS patients, and can be helped with steroid treatments if it becomes too bothersome.

I guess I’m thankful it isn’t my eye itself, just a nerve issue that has the possibility of resolving itself at least partially.

Today when I woke up I had my depth perception back, and the computer screen wasn’t as excruciating as before. I still notice the band of color difference, and I am still sensitive to light, and some things are still a little blurry in spots with my left eye, but its better than yesterday. I pray that this goes as quickly as it came.

I take solace in that MS seems to be liquid, it rolls in an out like the tide, and things always seem to change.  It may not be pleasant, but at least there is always hope that things can be different.

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