Maybe later?

Where do you go to be social at my age?  If I’m not interested in drinking.. don’t want to unite under a banner of drama or discourse,  don’t want to feel like I’m being judged all the time, and am not interested in behavior that might insinuate I want to lose anything I currently have been blessed with.  Where does that crowd hang out?

I’ll tell you,  I believe they mostly hang out at home, because aside from a couple outside responsibilities and work.. that is where I always am.  Its really a good thing that I love my home!  hehe 🙂

If you ask my children, they will tell you that one of my worst pet peeves is people complaining that they are bored.  I strive to encourage them to initiate for themselves things that are creative or productive during those times. That being the case (and I hate to admit this) but sometimes once all the plants are planted and cared for in the garden, once the house is clean to my liking (or near to it), once I’ve sufficiently looked up online whatever subject has caught my attention that week, and even after I’ve played games  and had many multifaceted conversations with the kids and Deon…    I do find myself a little bored.  Wishing that there was some kind of social something going on.  Shh.. don’t tell my kids! They’d have a hayday to know Mom gets bored too!

Facebook is a good “quick-fix” solution, but it is only really fun to check when I haven’t already read all the updates that are on there.. lol.  It is nice in that I can feel like I can catch up with people I appreciate,  in such a way that is not intrusive to them, and don’t have to worry as much that I’m taking up precious time in their busy lives. I’ve been blessed with knowing so many great people! On side thought though.. I think occasionally probably I should be trying to ask for a few of their minutes here or there, and maybe that is my problem.

I’m not a shut in. I did get out for an hour yesterday. 🙂

Shelsea and I went to an 8th grade promotion last night for a neighbor girl. It was nice, ended up sitting with a previous boss of mine who’s son was in the same class. It was nice to get to chat with him and his family for a bit.  Funny enough I unexpectedly even saw my niece, her boyfriend and grandnephew for a few minutes as they were there in support of a girl she used to babysit, and I think one of her cousins on her Dad’s side of the family. Seeing all the kids interact though did remind me how much I missed that part of school. Just always being around friends and actively having interesting things to talk about, and events to go to.

Its not like I’m lost.. just don’t know where that niche in my life is sometimes..  I turn 32 yrs old tomorrow, and I thought I’d have a few more things figured out in this stage of my life. For sure I thought I’d be more socially adept..  hehe.  Maybe it will come later.. I don’t know. ^^

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