Bright sunny day :)

Sun came out today, it was absolutely beautiful. Its amazing what a little sun can do for the soul.

My son Haiden is an early riser, and had us up and out of bed around 5:30 this morning. I wonder how the kid manages to not get more pillows thrown at him. Its quite surprising really.. lol.  Since we were all up we stepped out on the porch for a few minutes and enjoyed the quiet of the morning. It has to be my favorite time of the day! It already had the making of a beautiful day, blue skys with misty looking morning clouds over the trees to the east.  I really should have taken a picture, but instead I sat with Deon on the porch soaking it all in.

Weeks been a little clumsy for me, a little stressful, and I have to admit I may have let it get to me a bit more than I should of. I was thankful to be greeted with such a bright morning. 🙂

Deon made us breakfast which was nice. Generally mornings consist of a quick bowl of breakfast cereal, but today we had eggs and turkey bacon all before going grocery shopping.  Occasionally we do things in the right order..  Eating before shopping is definitely a lot smarter. We also took in the couple of bags of cans that had been in the garage.

After we got back home, Shelsea and I walked over and visited with some of the wonderful volunteers over working on the Habitat house going in across the street while they were taking a quick break.  It was nice to get to talk to Marianne, Myra, Katrina, Bob, Jodi and a couple others.  This particular project is going so quickly! Its amazing to see so much progress so quickly! I am so appreciative of Habitat, I’m so impressed with the organization. I am so glad to know that our monthly payments not only pay our mortgage, but that money is in turn used towards building houses for other families.  To give some families the stability and opportunity that they may have not otherwise had, especially during these times. They have been a real blessing, and I’m still so happy with our house.

After a bit, we needed to take the kids back into town for something. Our earlier can gathering session reminded us that we had a few things that could better be used by others. Things that were ignored and just taking up space in the garage,  so we decided to take a few things over to the ReStore since we had to head back into town. We also took a few things that the Restore couldn’t take over to Goodwill.

After a few errands, we went over and looked at some plants at Kramers, as we are still looking for ideas for the front and back yard. The kids like that place alot, because they have Koi in a pond out there. It seemed many had the same idea as the place was packed! Unfortunately we didn’t get to stay long, because the heat started getting to me, and I really started feeling bad. It was time to go home.  Its kind of a bummer being the seeker of the sun that I am and having to curb it. I kind of miss the days when I was a teenager and could spend my whole day out in warm weather and not being affected much at all. However, I’m not that teenager any longer. I am where I am, with my birthday quickly advancing, marking another year spent. That said, I’d never even wish to trade places with that teenager. Even with the pains and frustrations, MS or no, I still am really appreciative of my life and glad to be where I am now.  I am blessed, and I do know it.

On a side note, here is my new favorite picture of our family. It was taken at a Habitat event at the end of April. This family is the best blessing I could have received, and they make me smile even when I sometimes really don’t feel like it.

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