Soothing roots?

So the last post started out to be a beginning to this post, but got too long.. and I veered way off subject…  🙂

Even though the memories where softer when it came to crops, I never really found myself avidly interested in plants when I was young.  In fact, I vividly remember hating it when my Mom would bring home potted flowers in particular.  Not because of a dislike of plants themselves, but often because of the kinds of plants she’d bring home.. lol!  To this day I still have a grudge against Fuschia plants, lol.. I really don’t like them. Fuschias were more often than not a foe to recon with as they take a lot of attention and water to keep looking decent… and I was always in trouble for not watering them enough.

There were a few established plants however that Mom had that I absolutely loved. One was the Mimosa tree that flowered at the end of the sidewalk with its pretty pink wispy flowers, and different looking leaves.  She also had an old fashioned white rose that smelled lovely that was one of my favorites. My favorite of all though had to be the Japanese lace leaf maple. It was a red one, and was so cool how it looked. Bonsai-like in that it looked like a miniature  landscape.

I loved that tree, and have always admired them at the stores. Its always been in the back of my mind that eventually I’d want to get one.

This last weekend, we went to Lowes, and they had some marked WAY down! We bought one and put it in our front yard… see!

I’m very excited about it. I think it looks so nice!

Its just interesting  how I’ve eased into actually kind of liking gardening these days. Now its sort of  calming to go water the plants or to spend some time quietly pulling weeds from the garden.  Its amazing to me how much people change through their lifespan. Things can start out one way, but can end up totally different. I guess that is part of the adventure isn’t it?

In a way I’m soothed by exploring an aspect of my past, a part of my roots..  Its just sort of ironic.

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