Lessons for my children.. part 1

Things I want to teach my children:

  • Do not be content with the information you are given, no matter the source.  Always do a little leg work to see if the information given is valid or tainted by outside motives.
  • Be picky what you choose to accept as true. Our ideas and perception of the world (and its inhabitants) are based on  small pieces of information we’ve accepted as true. It is your duty to yourself to make sure your beliefs are based in truth and not lies (or even convenient partial truths). No one will do it for you, and you are responsible for what you choose to believe.
  • Know that passion doesn’t always equate someone as speaking the truth or having honor.
  • Being loving does not mean you allow yourself to be taken advantage of.
  • Being loving NEVER means you have the right to take advantage of anyone else.
  • Realize quickly that in a good and healthy relationship, neither party can really be seen as “the weaker link”
  • Realize that offering respect often goes farther in gaining it,  than demanding it does.
  • Being loving does not mean you always keep the peace, but it does require you to carefully choose your battles.
  • Our arms were placed on our bodies extruding forward with the idea of work in mind. They were placed forward to allow us to easily reach out to others.  Therefore if you are spending too much time patting yourself on the back, you need to understand that you are not using your arms in the manner they were intended.
  • You do not impress anyone by mentioning your grand intelligence. Chances are, if you have to say it in order for people to know, it might not be as true as you’d like to think.
  • You only get credit for being intelligent if you use it.  Intelligence is not an trophy won by the idle or apathetic.
  • Take initiative in your life, be the one who is actively living and making things happen for yourself.

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