Happy Birthday Shelsea!

12 years ago today, our family began with the addition of a bright-eyed baby girl! Our daughter Shelsea celebrates her 12th year of life today. She has definitely been a bright point in my life, and I’m thankful to have been blessed to have her. Its amazing to watch children grow into such unique individuals, and to be able to gently guide them in the process. I’m thankful for her!

On Monday we bought Shelsea a prepaid phone for her birthday. We are kids at heart it seems, and have a hard time waiting as well, so we ended up giving it to her Monday night.  Although, we felt justified by the facts that it had to be activated, and would need to charge up the battery, so if we gave it to her early, she’d actually have it for her birthday. All those justifications true, but I can’t help but admit I was also anxious for her to see it . 🙂

She had been asking for a phone for a couple years now, and I had always said no and had given her the impression that if she got one, it would be something far.. far off in the future. I’ve heard horror stories of gifts like that running up hundreds of dollars in phone bills, and as social as Shelsea seems to be, I was really worried about it. Deon, however came up with the scenario of getting her a prepaid, pay-as-you-go, non-contract Verizon wireless phone. One where she would have to manage her time and  teach her that it requires work to maintain what you want.  She’ll have to earn any “refill cards” cards she gets.

I’ve never seen a kid quite so excited! I caught on camera that second where she actually realized what her present was.. lol! She’s so funny.. 🙂