Appointment update

Just an update. Went and actually spent a few hours at the new Neurologist yesterday. Seriously a few full  hours talking with him, not even counting wait time.  All I have to say is Wow! What a night and day difference! This new neurologist had me tell them all about a lot of different aspects in my life, really trying to get a feel to what is going on.  He had questions about work, home, environmental aspects, habits, mental state,  diet, exercise, family, past doctors and treatments I’ve done, both medical and holistic, anything and everything.  We did some tests, checking eyes,  strength, breathing, balance, coordination, etc.  He re-read out loud the reports from my initial diagnosis, and talked about what things meant, and pointed out different parts and explaining them.

I was pleasantly surprised at the end when he talked so honestly about the fact that our science doesn’t have MS really figured out yet.  He talked about how the use of the some of the medications are to kind of weaken the immune system so that it doesn’t do such a good job at attacking you.  They aren’t really to make you “feel” better,  only discourage progress. He wanted to make sure I understood that. He even brought up some newer (and controversial studies out of Italy in the past year) that I hadn’t heard of. They’re premise is that it may have more to do with a vascular issue that leads into the allergens passing through the blood brain barrier (the latter which I had heard about).

He said that if I was in worse shape, and was having common flareups that lasted more like a week to a month, than my occasional day to two day down-time annoyances, that he would be more apt to require some kind of medicinal treatment in my case. He said that at this point I’m doing well,  with all the diet changes and just trying to keep on top of it with trying to lower stress, sleep and vitamins to combat the fatigue.  He said that it sounded like all the things he would suggest at this point, are things I’m already doing.

He would like me to get another MRI done just to be able to compare to the old one, and explained the changes that can occur over time.  So I will talk to my insurance and figure out if we can swing it.

Overall, much happier to see this neurologist. I finally feel like I have one who is a bit more interested in looking into things with me, and not just “take this shot and call me if you start falling down a lot”

**funny side story.. maybe its sad really.. towards the end they were doing a  test of cognitive stuff. I told them I wasn’t proficient in math and they kind of laughed saying there was only one math related question.  One of the last questions, was to ask me to count backwards from 100 by 7’s.  I was like “seriously? its not evenly divisible by 7”, so I started counting backwards on my fingers, subtracting 7 each time.. I was so nervous to get it wrong, that I think I probably did..  luckily they took pity on me somewhere in the 60’s and didn’t make me continue.

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