Examining your glass…

Enjoying a few hours in the sun this past weekend, my daughter returned from playing outside with neighborhood friends. She’s getting so big so fast, and its sometimes hard to believe that the girl standing before me was that pink little bundle I brought home 11 years ago. Still sweet as when she was 4, she hands me a few flowers that she had picked outside while playing. “For you Mom” she says…. what a sweetheart! She knew I hadn’t been feeling well, and picked me some flowers to cheer me up.  I told her to put them in some water, so found a small glass and filled it half full of water, and placed them on the counter to display. Simple little flowers, but they were so pretty… and purple no less, my favorite!

What is inside my “glass”.. what is it I really contain? We should question this often, if for no other purpose than to remind us of who we are, and attend to needed repairs and alterations.

It has become increasingly obvious that to me lately that its really the small things that give us the greatest joy.  Size does not really convey importance.  Its not even the “flowers”…..  it is the spirit in which they are given that is most touching.  Small, simple, pure and perfect.  When motives are simple, life is just so much better.  I think we would all do a lot better if we were able to keep our motives plain, simple, and honest. A small gesture of value goes a long way.  We all have days that we need a reminder of  value in ourselves as well as others.

We commonly equate value with success. But.. is this correct? I suppose it depends on what we consider success to be right? What do you think of when you think of someone successful? Is your first thought wealth? Is it being known? Is it winning in competition? Being better than someone at something? Is it building things? Making the world a better place… and what do you consider better?

What do you personally identify success as being? I think its an important question to ask yourself.  I think that for something we consistently desire.. “to be successful”.. its important to understand what your brand of success is and why. What are your real motives behind your beliefs and actions…. not the rehearsed ones that make you sound better, but the real ones that control you from the subconscious. I think its a valid question to ask. Knowing the answer frees you up, helping you better decide what actions invoke progress, and which just invoke drama.

Efficiency is beautifully simple, and encourages a feeling of well being.   I want live more simply, to  be quicker to get to the root of any issues.  Less drama, more results.  Less judgment, more exploration and understanding and respect.  I want opportunities to be cooperative, and find healthier ways of dealing with things.

I want to spend the time I have appreciating and showing appreciation for all the masterpieces that has been created around me.  We are all masterpieces, we just rarely realize  it.  Wither or not you can find it in yourself to believe in a benevolent God, or simply consider us all to be a complex accident of nature, the fact cannot be argued that each individual is incredibly unique and diverse.  There are no exact copies, and even those raised under the same settings will still vary in many ways.  We are all individually one-of-a-kind… irreplaceable, so we can stop trying so hard to prove it to everyone, We actually are “different” or “special” or “unique”, and its a given.

Once we get past that preoccupation, it seems a lot easier to simply realize we all have value. There is a level of respect that should be maintained in all of our contacts.  Ever notice how much negative reaction is caused when someone starts feeling undervalued, or starts undervaluing those around them ? So many issues could be stopped by simply adhering to a more respectful nature. Strive to separate yourself from the desire to assert yourself as   “better” than others, and refocus instead on building inspiration to help many be “better”.

I think its even incorrect for us to live under the assumption that there is a single reason we were put on this earth.  Every decision we make, both seemingly trivial and important inspires a choice. Each choice we make ripples out and affects so many.  So I would say there are probably a little over 6.8 billion reasons why we are here.  Like it or not, we are all sharing time, space and resources.  No, our reason for being is probably not tied to a single event decided on by fate, but really our reasons would be dispersed by each interaction we have, which is why respect is so important. This puts us more on the hook for how we react in our daily lives. Respect is your most formidable tool in most situations.  When shared it opens up options that beforehand seem impossible.

If we know this all, then why do we focus so much on judging each other, and enhancing separation? Not one of us will leave this world unscathed from being misjudged, no matter how noble our cause.   What real damage does it do me to allow others some comfort? To allow others to love who they want?  To have different ideas?  As long as all maintain a level of respect in what is done, and things aren’t done purposely to damage or exploit each other, than who is anyone to judge?… and why waste that energy doing so?

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