“Chocolate Soy Cake”

Mostly I’m just really tired today.. Need to find some energy from somewhere though, because I need to put together some kind of plan for my son’s 7th birthday this weekend.

My “Baby” is turning 7 on Friday… He said he wants a “Chocolate Soy Cake – so Mommy and Haiden can have some”, and he wants “a bunch of different kinds of apples..” Kylan has a thing for apples. He is too cute. ” 🙂

I laughed and told him that we could probably figure something out that would be better than a “Chocolate Soy Cake” because that didn’t even sound good to me. We’ve baked with soy flour off and on, and it doesn’t seem to have a very good after taste in baked goods for some reason.

Makes my heart melt that he so earnestly wants to make sure we join in on his festivities. I have been blessed with three pretty remarkable kids. So different, yet very sweet and good-natured in their own right.

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