What are you going to do now?

Today has been a very good day for me. 🙂 I’ll set up my story in a frame of reference from a childhood memory of a commercial I watched as a kid. This possibly shows my age… but…

When I was a kid I remember watching commercials where they were always interviewing someone who had just accomplished some great feat. They would always say..”So-and-so.. you just [Insert great achievement here]… What are you going to do now?”
to which the interviewee would reply “I’m going to Disneyland!”

We received our tax refund this week, and were thankfully able to take care of a few loose things that needed some attention. We got the kids a pair of shoes each.. We replaced our dryer that had begun eating and leaving black heat marks (scary) on some unfortunate pieces of clothing.. we caught up on a couple smaller bills, but the one I’m most excited about is that after 2 years, we’re finally totally paying off the last (of a certain previously mentioned) size-able outstanding medical bill (that insurance didn’t cover because of the hospital’s terminology use, among other things) from my initial MS diagnosis. No more monthly reminders of the exact worst day I ever remember..yay! We’ve been paying as much as we could every month for quite awhile, and now thankfully we are going to be able to go ahead and knock out the remaining balance. Thank God for tax refunds… seriously! We’d have had another 6 months of this otherwise.

so with that…

“Serina.. you’ve just paid off your MS diagnosis bill… What are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to Disneyland!” 🙂

And its true! with what we had left, we were able to find some really good deals (I guess because April is kind of still an off season), so we are going to take the kids to Disneyland over a weekend. The kids don’t know yet, we are going to surprise them tonight! The closest thing to a vacation we’ve ever taken them on, was a day trip to the coast a few years back… (well make that a morning trip, since we were back at home by 2 pm.)

We had always told them that we would take them someday, and figured that this may be our best opportunity. We talked about it, and decided that realistically, right now I seem to be doing pretty decent with my MS, and while we hope that continues, its in really in God’s hands. If we want to be able to go, and actually enjoy it together, the kids are at a good age where they’ll remember, so we think there is no use in putting it off if we can find a way to make it happen. So we are going to make it happen.

I’m very excited to see the kids faces when they find out. I’m even more excited at giving them an extra special memory that we can cherish.

One thought on “What are you going to do now?”

  1. Wow! I have always believed in paying taxes and getting a refund. the money seems to further that way. What an amazing feeling it must be to have that bill payed off! Congrats and you can’t be that old because I’m not (ha ha) and I remember that commercial. Enjoy your well deserved trip to Disneyland!!

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