Take a walk.. on the bright side :)

Come over to the bright side… you know you want to!.. (hehe)

Why is it that if you tend to focus on the positives in this life, you are considered an idealist, but if you focus on the negatives, you are commonly considered a realist?

Its not about attaining perfection. We won’t be experiencing that here on earth, but I think enjoying the good things and promoting more good things for everyone across the board should be more common. A more positive effect is possible, its not an unreal expectation. I don’t believe that positives are impossible, I think they just require a bit more work to become a reality. For good things to happen you need to care, and be a bit more creative. Neither over-criticizing nor apathy will get us anywhere.

I think we have more power over “how life treats us” than we like to give ourselves credit for. I think the main reason people don’t like to utilize this power, is because it calls them to be more responsible, and think things out more than 1 step ahead of where they are currently residing. We may have to take more of the blame for how we set up some things in our lives. To me that seems like being more of a realist, then just allowing and expecting things to turn out badly, or complaining instead of dealing with whatever unavoidable issues come our way.

If the glass is half empty, it may be time to get off your bum and go refill it if you are still thirsty right? Why expect that someone else should fill it for you?

Take care of yourself by nourishing your spirit and allowing hope to inspire a personal drive, that will push you towards positive goals. Its not unreasonable, or impossible. It just may require more creative thinking than we are used to.

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