What is the classification?

I had this thought when reading a friends post.

When it comes to political things, I always cringe. To start off with, there is a simple, most basic question that I can never really answer.

What party are you with? What is your political classification?

In honesty, I truly don’t know. I place a high value on sincerity, and positive motivation. With all the media spins/drama creation and the fact that as far as I can tell, there is a good chunk of the politicians on all sides I honestly would NOT want to align myself with, it gets pretty hard. So how do you answer a question like that?…. and why should I have to?

What is the political classification for a person who would just like to see balance? If you think personal responsibility should be upheld, but don’t think the “Every man for himself” attitude is acceptable, or what was intended by God, or our founding fathers even. What if you think that its OK to help your neighbor, and that you believe its a plain fact that we should.

What if you think that the reason we have the issues we do, is the common misguided mindset that value has to be measured in dollars and cents, instead of quality and time. What if you kind of feel that money in truth is a false value, and serves more as an excuse for people to use/abuse each other and behave badly, than a reward for working hard, because virtue doesn’t seem to make anyone rich.

Money is just a pretend value that we assign. Because we as humans, believe that we have the right to “own” something just because it is there, and also because as far as your eyes can see, everything in possible view is already “owned” by someone or some group, it leaves little room for true creativity and progress to grow, and offers no real way to get along in our society without it. Because everyone buys into the idea of money, there is no longer a way for someone to be able to provide for even their own basic needs without having it, so we become its slave and spend our lives with it as a focus. As a society, too often the road taken when coming upon difficulties is to throw money at it, instead of gathering together and doing something real an meaningful – correcting behavior, or simply working together. If you don’t have the money in the first place, you can rarely be represented effectively.

What have we created by thinking this way?

What classification does it make you if you believe that things will continue to degenerate until people embrace the best part of their humanity. Their ability to look beyond themselves, and actually care. The ability to discern a difference between true and false measures of value, and the ability to choose to make a difference.