Funny Phone Trees Stories

Funny little anecdote…

In general, I’m pretty mild mannered, however today found me a bit frazzled and it ended up giving me little funny story to share.

No real names will be used in order to protect the not-so-innocent….. 😛

At my place of employment, I spend a good chunk of time on the phone to a certain vendor who will go unnamed. This particular vendor, has one of the most horrid phone trees that I’ve ever had the displeasure of using, and unfortunately I do have to use it more often than I’d like. Basically there is a whole lot of voice recognition commands (that hardly works – who knew that Oregon and Nevada sounded so similar… >< ) mixed with things like, "press 1 for yes", then and punching in number strings and specific codes, then multiple questions narrowing down why you are calling. If you mess up at any point, or hesitate a second two long, the system will tell you that you will need to call back later with the correct information, and then it will hang up on you.
For a few years now, I've tried to outsmart the system by dialing "0", "#", and "*" trying to escape the tree and get to a regular person. At the very beginning it only mentions that you can say "help", but when I've done that, it only serves to route me back to the very beginning main menu.

Today for whatever reason, about three quarters of the way into the system, it tells me that it cannot find the information I am looking for me, and starts to go into the spiel about not being able to route my call, and suggesting I call back when I have the correct information.

In my frustration, I say out loud "Come on! Just give me a stupid agent!….

to which the system responds saying "AGENT".. and puts me on hold….

Holy Cow! Not once does it ever say that saying "Agent" is an option, I called back again again to check.. LOL!

Not very often has loosing my temper been very beneficial.. lol!

You can bet that the very next time I have to call them, I will be saying "Agent" until I figure out at what point in the tree that becomes available, and will do it that way from here on out!!!