To be understood…

Its interesting to me sometimes that even as opposite as things are, when you look deeper many things go back to the same simple principle.  Take spirituality and technology. I think we can agree that those two often sit on direct opposite ends of the table.  Yet even as different as they are, there is still this tendency to work towards a similar kind of existence. Not necessarily willing to agree in many avenues, but in the end the desire is remarkably the same.  There is a wish to be understood themselves.

There are many different versions of “spirituality”, but at the base of all of them is a desire to extend beyond themselves to touch and teach those around them. To be part of something bigger than the individual. To make their ideals understood by others and hopefully to inspire more to be like-minded, creating a support network.

Technology is forward thinking, and continually working to make things more convenient and more accessible. Networking to give you as much information as possible at the touch of a button.  Removing past limitations and exploring new ways to share and be known.  The popularity of the Internet is a testament to this ideal. Allowing collective resources to be shared by those who choose to tap into them. Constantly branching out and encouraging development, and growth.

Why is this? Its because it is human nature. We are social beings, and it invades all aspects of our lives. If we would just come to terms with the fact that we need each other, we would be better equipped and make better decisions for ourselves and others. If we made decisions based on the 7th generation impact, like was the practice of many of our Native Americans, then things could be so different. To put far more care in to the benefit of the whole.  Many don’t seem to understand that when you do things for the better of the whole rather than the better of the individual, it makes far more of an impact, and it in turn creates conditions that end up also being better for the individual as well. It just may take slightly more work to get there, but our base is stronger when we are collectively stronger. It is far less important to have to agree on every aspect, as it is to just simply be respectful of each other.  To find any sort of peace, respect of each other has to be first and foremost in our own actions.

It is a misconception by many to believe that forcing others to agree to their ideals makes a stronger base. In our society control is viewed as the ideal. In reality strength comes from diversity, creativity, and experience, but its harder to govern or rule over people who are so different.  “Cookie cutter” mentality is encouraged. This is the whole reason for our political parties, to encourage people to choose a label for themselves, and then encourage a “home-team”  kind of  hype that blankets a whole lot of issues that in earnest the individual may or may not even agree with, but because its encompassed in the whole “ideal” that is being sold, it gets snuck  in there.  It fosters a sense of “belonging” to a group who has the “same” viewpoints, when really that may not even be the case. But we are very adamant to support “our team” in this “game”.  Seriously the only real benefit a political party offers that I can see, is for politicians who are crunching numbers and trying to come up with strategies to win an election. Beyond that it only seems to hinder progress, as people become petty and put undue importance on the strength of a “party” rather then the betterment of the whole. Its not the party that matters…  its our people…. its all people.

Consider that it is impossible to actually solve a puzzle, when there is no big picture, and all your pieces are the same shape. We need the diversity in each other. We NEED to care about each other, just as we need others to care about us. Open-minded respect is the only way that happens.

We have so much potential, but until respect becomes mainstream, we will continue flail.  We all desire to be understood, but we also need to desire to be open to understand as well.

(on a lighter note.. were you aware that snuck isn’t really a word? Its more proper to say “sneaked”… but it sounds wrong in the way I was using the word.. I’m leaving it as snuck…  so I apologize for those who notice)