Happy Birthday Honey!

My very first post on this blog was exactly two years ago today. It was the smallest post I’ve ever written, and I’m going to repeat it’s sentiments today.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Husband!

That line was its entirety.

So much major change has occurred over that two year span. It was shortly after starting this blog, that I found that I had MS. We were struggling to help our son with his psoriasis. Major diet changes were put in place. We were accepted by Habitat, built our house and moved in.  We gained a new niece, as well as a new grand-nephew.  Experienced some drama here and there…


Even with all that change, one thing has stayed the same. I am married to a very sweet man who through it all has stood by me, even when it has been difficult. Could have easily decided things were too hard and left, but he hasn’t and as opposite as we are in so many things, our goals are the same.

He may not even read this because he’s not the computer geek that I am… lol.

Love you Deon!

Thank you for our sweet family!


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