Quiet Beauty

My absolute favorite time of the day is sunrise. I’m not sure if its the quiet beauty, or just the realization of what a gift that each and every day is. In the morning nothing is set in stone, and we have the opportunity and potential to accomplish something.. even if that something is to find some quiet time and do nothing but rejuvenate the soul. So much potential staring right back at you in the early morning, and a quiet peace that isn’t found at any other point of time in the day. It gives you time to reflect, and to dream, and both I believe to be essential on being a balanced individual.

At our new house, we live very close to the boy’s school. Most of the time, we’ll put our dog Bailey on the leash, and as a family we will walk the boys to school in the mornings. We tend to go just a little early when it is quiet and there are very few people out and about yet. About 15 minutes before the world seems to walk out their front door.

I really adore these times. The quiet, and just being with my family are precious. Being the time of year it is, it has given us the opportunity to enjoy some pretty beautiful mornings. Off and on this month, I have taken the camera with us and captured a few shots during these walks.  The faster paced life gets, its these times of peace that get lost.

I think I have found my resolution this year. Its simple and hopefully attainable.  I want to make an effort to be awake and alive enough to soak in the small window of time in the morning where all is quiet, and I can actually hear myself think.. 🙂  Meditation, Prayer, and Reflection… perfect opportunity for all of those things to occur.  We cannot spread peace if we can’t make peace with ourselves. 🙂

Scattered through this post are a few of my favorite sunrise  pictures from 2010 so far. These are all taken at or within 2 blocks of my house. Beauty is all around us.. its up to us to take a few seconds to appreciate it.

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