Nice Weekend :)

It was ever so nice to see the sun this past Saturday, even if it was short lived.  Luckily we had done our grocery shopping on Friday night after I got off work, so it left us with much of Saturday to actually enjoy the weather.

We have two and a half, pretty huge evergreen trees in our back yard, so it is kept pretty shady back there, and the grass doesn’t grow so well. Honestly, this is perfectly fine to us as less grass means less mowing.. 🙂 We had kind of wanted to turn the back yard into more of an outside living space anyway.  Since there is a slight downgrade in slope from where the house is to the back of the lot, we had thought to do a subtle terracing with the terrain back there.  A few months ago, we  discovered that at the lowest point in the back of the lot, there is actually a patch of existing pavement found underneath.

Since that discovery, we have spent some time off and on uncovering it.. digging a few holes to see how far it actually reaches.  This weekend, Deon got the idea to take his pressure washer and sort of  “cut out” dirt squares to make it easier for us to remove the excess dirt and survey it a bit more.  The plan is to use the dirt to fill in some low spots elsewhere, and to put it in the garden area.  We haven’t found the end of the pavement yet, but so far it covers around a third (at least) of the length across the very back end.  The idea is to work it into the space back there and use it as a patio area of sorts.

After we cleared some dirt for awhile, Deon built me a frame for a slightly elevated herb patch. We are planning to grow things like cilantro, chives, and other herbs that we use alot of. May put some leaf lettuce in too.. 🙂

Saturday afternoon, Jodi’s Mom let Shelsea and I come over for a bit, and she sewed the edges of our Swedish weaving cloth for us so it wouldn’t fray so bad. Was nice to get to talk to her. Jodi’s parents have always been so kind to me and Deon and our kids. They are pretty wonderful people.

We went to Lowes for a bit, just to look around, and bought a couple  purple seed potatoes.  Between that and the red corn seeds we had bought awhile ago, we may have a fun colored garden. 🙂 It will be pretty  fun if they end up growing.. : )

Deon put in an application as well, so hopefully we’ll hear something on that. His shoulder still acts up, but we’ve come to the consensus that it will probably just always bother him. He is just going to have to be more aware of the kinds of work he does, and maybe have to ask for assistance sometimes with the bigger things instead of just doing it.

Sunday’s weather wasn’t as good, but we ended up playing Clue with the kids a few times. It truly is uncanny how often Ms. Scarlet turns out to be the killer.. hehe. 🙂  For those who didn’t know, Her first name is Charlotte according to Haiden. (He kept saying Ms. Charlotte).. lol..  Poppa and Tutu came by, and we had a nice time talking with them as well.

Overall, was a really nice weekend.. Calm, and just what I needed.  Had been feeling pretty drained in most areas as of late.  Thank God for small favors!

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