What if…

Just a thought.. but imagine with me if you will..

What if..

What if our system was constructed in such a way, that there was an alternative to using money as the only means to take care of our very basic necessities. Mostly just thinking in regards to food & shelter.

What if..
what if there was something in place to where if you lost your regular job, you could get “assignments” for working/volunteering in certain aspects in the local community that would grant some kind of “credit” that would still allow you to feed your family, and keep a roof over your head.

Instead of having people out of work, with nothing to do while the job market recovered… what if the system gave them the opportunity of something they could do in the meantime, that would actively support and build our communities during the time they were out of work? They could earn “credits” from their assignments that would be restricted to helping cover the cost of their home, or food. No frills could be “purchased” with these “credits”

People might even be effectively learning new, or honing existing skills during their jobless periods. At least there could be more productivity. This kind of “Welfare” Services would be encouraging our people to stay active rather than let their skills dwindle during down time.

It was just a thought..

I just often think that we have boxed ourselves into the mindset that money is the only way to assign value. If people were encouraged to continue to be productive, and be “of value” in other ways it seems it would seem maybe others would take far less issue to helping out their neighbors. People would feel less distraught, and less hopeless if they were kept busy.

We might even find ourselves in a position where our communities were strengthened, and we wouldn’t always be hearing about vast need of social services that only churches are willing to take on. Helping us to help our neighbors if you will.. No shortages on assistants for teachers, extra mentor help available to our children. Local parks and other area cleaned up and maintained, there are really a lot of simple things that could become down-time “assignments.” Could have more active community hosted gardens..

Just a flitting thought…