Hidden Blessings

Have you ever had a moment when something just hits you, and you realize that something that you may have deemed to be a bad thing, really ends up having some positive results? Results that you wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed had things gone according to your previously perceived plan?

I think there are many things that we get all worked up about, that we curse and complain, get dragged through, kicking and screaming the whole way, but that in the end are just vessels that inch us closer to something better.

Any adjustment causes movement and periods of discomfort. Creatures of habit, we like routine and can get temperamental and scared at the thought of change. In many aspects of our life, we are sometimes overly ambitious in our endeavor to settle for what we already “know and understand”. Objecting to different approaches. Things we deem “The End of the World”, are often really just “The Beginning” of something different. Different doesn’t have to be “bad”. Our world is a constant work in progress. Luckily things aren’t set in stone.

Progress cannot be made in stagnation. In all truth, we don’t “know” or “understand” but a fraction of what is possible, and really we should take comfort from that. Take pleasure knowing that possibilities are endless, and really aren’t limited by our understanding. Be inspired to grow, learn, and adapt. Humans are skilled at adaptation when they want to be.

So Breathe, open your mind and heart. Learn to appreciate the possibility of new opportunities. Understand and accept the presence of hidden blessings. Take solace in the knowledge that pearls are a product of irritation. Things do have a way of working out.

~ Serina