Beware of what you are not aware of…

It is one thing to be hypocritical before God, because really its not like you are fooling him for one minute. The tragedy comes when we attempt to justify our hypocrisy rather than remedy it in ourselves. God, to my knowledge has never called us to love each other only conditionally.

We need to be aware of the faults in ourselves that lead to us onto further pain. I have this image in my mind, that to begin with, everyone is given a small dagger as a tool. It is not exceptional, just standard issue. It was given as a gift to help us break through some of the restraints that hold us back. Given to assist us in removing bindings that keep us from connecting with those around us. We are meant to use this small tool to help in the furthering of ourselves AND those around us to survive and thrive. Like many tools, it is sometimes used in a matter not befitting of the spirit it was intended. There are those who are so centered inwards, who envision their role as victim or martyr in some capacity, and for that reason has decided to guard their very souls. Issuing quick stabs at those who come too close, occasionally twisting the dagger to fluctuate the pain they inflict. Using their actions and words to passive-aggressively justify their view of themselves over all others.

It is for those I have such great sorrow. Especially ones that build such holy walls around themselves, that their outlook of acceptance is perfection or nothing. Far too good for those around them, and consistently concerned primarily of how any action, albeit tiny, will affect them individually, especially when it comes to reputation, credit or monetary means. Guarding themselves from the joy and grace of giving of oneself. Never fully understanding that the premise they’ve created, the perception is, in the end – void of all true value. It does nothing but darken your soul and handicap those around you. This is where so many religious types fail. You do not inspire a seed to grow by giving it frozen dirt in which to sprout. This is not a point that can be argued. You may have a million and one reasons, or justifications, but there is not one that can truly be tied to God, even though many use him as an excuse.

I really wish people would not use God as an excuse for their selfish nature towards others. It was never God’s purpose to segregate, or hold more value over one group than another. These are all man-made distinctions, they are not of God, and as long as we continue to apply to God, these human faults, we are inhibiting our own growth.

Sadly I think its commonly not understood that true joy and happiness cannot be felt by those who center themselves so close to their own core. If you allow yourself to stay in that position, shielded from the world, you rob yourself of great possibilities. You also rob the world of the positive impact you were put on this earth to make. You become a thief of hope.

When we are ready, we will pass up these childish behaviors, and that is the point in which we can start really making this world a better place.. Allow your “big picture” to be expanded! Encourage, Inspire, Assist!

~ Serina Clason

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