Dreams and Goals

In the silence, when you are only left with your thoughts… what dreams still twinkle for you in the nights sky? Is their distance daunting, or are you up for the challenge?

New Years seems to always be a time of reflection. Its a time of analyzing what accomplishments we’ve made, and owning up to those things that we promised ourselves that we didn’t end up making happen. Its a time when the rational mind plans out the next goal, attempting to locate the next year’s focus.

There are so many things we dream about, and its vital that we continue to dream. When you no longer have a goal, or a dream, it puts you at a prevalent disadvantage. We need the passion and hope that is inspired by our dreams. We need them to feel alive, and to feel as though we’ve accomplished anything, and in some cases to prove to ourselves that we are here for more than just the sake of having been born.  Everyone is always searching for the meaning of their lives, always waiting, always analyzing.  Why do we wait so long?  I’m convinced that the answer is much clearer than we choose to see.  Life is an adventure, and its not until we finally venture out, that we will find what we are looking for.

Many times we allow fear to get in our way.  Change is a scary thing, there are so many who are far more comfortable to settle, than to redesign what they are used to.  They may not even like what they are living with, but if it means having to change, its too scary. It is this fear of change, and of living outside of the current routine that halts us. Inhibits many of our dreams and goals from being realized. It cripples our potential to live in a better world.

I challenge you all to take the time this year, bravely make small changes in many aspects of your life, and allow yourself to grow closer to your full potential! If not now.. then when?

Happy New Years!

One thought on “Dreams and Goals”

  1. It’s funny… I’d made a similar reflection a few nights ago, not realizing that it was probably triggered by the new year and one’s tendency to re-assess one’s position or life trajectory after the whirlwind of the holidays has passed and the routine of the upcoming year returns. It makes you think harder about that routine, and the implicit, unthinking decisions you’re making that are taking you along your current path.

    I’m still working out what the change is that I need to make, but it was good to read this. As always, it’s a pleasure to read your blog, Serina.

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