Regardless of hope…

this was a reply to a comment made on a friends facebook comment..   sums up alot of my thoughts so figured I’d post it here.

Basically it was regarding the healthcare reform..  and some  individual’s complaint on people’s belief in  “hope and change crap”


Regardless of hope, change is inevitable. When things are bad, we can either remain doing the same as always, or we can try something else.  What was passed is just the beginning and will end up being massaged over time to become something that hopefully doesn’t necessarily  end up being as dark spirited as you foresee.  Nothing is going to be perfect from the start, it will take time.  I’m not going to pretend to know the outcome, only time will tell.

Lets ignore the bill totally and go on a hypothetical. Pretend it doesn’t exist.

As things stand right now, as you said, there are already companies having to make these serious decisions, and its truly a small matter of time before many more people are without health care. I work full time, I am thankful to my employer because I know they really try. When it comes to the point that they can no longer afford to offer it, I’m not sure what we could do.

I know that currently I can’t really afford to pay the full premium amount, and because I have MS, It may prove interesting to find another company willing to cover me and my family for less.  We could do what many would end up doing, and just go without health care, but who does that help in the long run? When emergencies come up and non-insured people end up in the hospital, and the hospital doesn’t get paid, the hospital/clinics have to increase the cost of their services across the board to shoulder their losses, which then effects everyone. The next year premiums go up yet again, and the businesses are hurt again by the added costs. Then more businesses are forced to stop providing it for their employees.. and the cycle snowballs…  We could just die and decrease the surplus population I suppose.

It may hinder my implied intelligence level, but I am hopeful and pretty confident that God can inspire something good out of all of this.