A silent tear

A silent tear falls as the only companion to a silent cry

A struggle kept hidden, waging war inside

What good is it to share? What about the price?

to open your heart and endure the tide.


what happens when you have to be honest?

when you have to admit to some of the fault?

when you  lean on others who are just as imperfect as you.

to expect perfect understanding,  is expecting a lot.


When the world is a gray haze

all battered and torn

When we need inspiration

to get through the storm


Healing a must, or else part of us dies..


Why is it not until then, we think of help to enlist

when everything is a complete  mess

and we are shaking our fists


how much would be solved if we would just be true

and would work from the beginning to thoroughly improve


not starting with others, but actually with ourselves

through acceptance of the positives and higher ideals


Putting our pride and pettiness aside

with thoughtfulness and cooperation, together we can brave the tide


What wonderful things could be possible if we’d work to inspire, instead of consume.

and live together sharing, all under the same moon

~ by Serina Clason 11/19/09