Thought for the day..

There is power and energy available to us once we are able to analyze our own perceptions. Without realizing it, we outline our own limitations with our impressions and imagination. Most times, we are the biggest obstacle to our own success.  A closed mind may offer a sense of control, and may neatly outline whats acceptable to us in the way of the world, but will only serve to keep us stuck where we are.  Like any parent, I believe God has bigger plans for us.  God does not want us to own a closed mind, as those with closed minds consider their knowledge complete. This negates the possibility for further growth and maturity..  causing  stagnation, which eventually will drain and dull their spirit.

Drama hinders our progress, as it makes things appear bigger than they need to be, and discourages others as well as ourselves.  At first glance, that which you perceive to be granite, can in some cases actually be groupings of sand once investigated. We spend far too much time getting worked up over problems, and staying in that state.  Problems aren’t the enemy, they are in most cases an opportunity that needs to be worked out.

Calm yourself, and you may find the hidden path you were looking for. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle, but how you handle it is totally your responsibility, and in truth cannot really be blamed on others…     my thought for the day.. 🙂