Gluten Free Recipe’s

You may possibly notice, I recently did a little blog-cleaning, and organized my links a little better hopefully.. This was all brought on by the fact that its near my favorite holiday… Thanksgiving.   Family, Love, Humbled attitudes, and sheer appreciation is why I love Thanksgiving so much!  With Thanksgiving comes the sharing of a meal with loved ones.  Food in general, has been a very different creature since finding out about Haiden’s allergies, and my MS.

It hasn’t been the easiest to find yummy recipe’s to take the place of what is normally out there. I know there are a few others who are just starting to venture into the Gluten-Free realm, so I thought I’d offer a little help by just mentioning the couple of links I did have for finding things that may take some of the pressure off this holiday season.  I have made a link category for it on my blog now, and will continue to add to it as I find sites that offer gluten free recipes.  I would love to make some of these and interject them into the regular meal without telling everyone that they are gluten free, and see if people notice that much.. hehe

Here is one in particular I’m excited to further explore..  If you are interested, check out  Katrina’s Kitchen

Misc recipes and actually looks like a gluten free store (I have not myself ordered from here, just so you know)

For help in identifying what is considered gluten free: