Identifying our Gift

The title probably leads you to think that this is a post on figuring out what your talents are.   If so, sorry to disappoint, I don’t have a full answer to that one as I’ve hardly figured it out myself.

My topic today is more about our legacy.  Maybe touching a little  on what we want to be remembered for, and more importantly what we want to contribute and promote during our time here.

One thing I had been taught at some point, is that if you want to achieve a goal, its really important to identify it.  How are you supposed to achieve it if you don’t? How would you know where to begin?  I realize that there are those who seem to accidentally fall in line to achieving great things, but I don’t believe that to be the norm.  Most have to put at least a little effort into it. Identifying what we want to accomplish is just the beginning, but when we do so, we actually have a lot of power in having it come to pass.

On a small tangent… I use the word “power” instead of “control” because I think it better describes what we have.  “Power insinuates that we can have influence , while “Control” insinuates that you alone can push, or force things to occur a certain way.   Attribute it to my (quite possibly flawed) perceptions, but I really  think that the perception, or the desire for total “control” is unhealthy and unrealistic.   I think you have to respect that there are things way outside your realm,  that you cannot force to happen.

When it rains on the ocean, there are a whole lot of ripples being made all at once. Each droplet causes many different wakes, yet no single droplet can accurately predict the extent of what shifts and wakes it will cause. There are far too many outside forces it has no control over. All it can do, is do its best to do more good than harm.  Be fluid and allow yourself to be  able to deal with whatever comes ahead. The same can be said for us.   We should also always be open to the idea that maybe our visions may not inspire the best possible option. That may secretly be the reason why the world is seemingly resisting.   ;P  Not because this life is out to get us… but more because as intelligent as we are, there are still things we might not completely understand.  There is wisdom in conceding that there is much left to learn, and that our personal understanding will never be complete.  Also, In general, know that  in relations with others, “control” is rarely healthy, and often inhibits growth and maturity.  (sorry that was a bigger tangent than anticipated.. I don’t care for the word “control” )

Back to the subject.

I have been thinking alot about this lately, and I’m unsure why really, but I know that in my own life,  the impact I want to leave on this world has to do with healing.  It is something I’ve felt drawn to in many facets, but not in the conventional sense.  A weak constitution limits any aspiration to be a physician/nurse or anything of that physical nature, and while interesting, it isn’t the physical aspect of health that I feel the most drawn to.  What I really wish, is that I could do something that inspires more mental/emotional/spiritual health.  Not spiritual in the “Whoo whoo”  shaman, witchdoctor, or crazy extreme religious sense, but more in the way of helping people have healthier coping strategies, and in turn, healthier attitudes.

Still working on what I would need to be doing, to make that be what I leave to this world.  I think in the mean time, my best bet is to inspire those attitudes in my children.  Regardless of whether or not I ever become successful in helping the world on a grander scale, my children are, and will always be my most treasured legacy.