Halloween Fun

Ended up having a pretty Halloween. Wish Halloween was always on a weekend because you get to enjoy it a bit more!  Spent the morning at the store picking up some groceries, and a couple last minute items for the day (via The Dollar Tree – Love that place.. lol)

I hadn’t gotten a chance to go to the video store like I had hoped a few days before, but was able to find the complete Disney version of “Legend of Sleepy Hallow” on Youtube.com. Yay! for youtube!


In past years our pumpkins were always pretty sad when it came to Halloween..  Oregon rain seemed to always do them in, so we elected to wait to carve them until Halloween since we had the whole day as a family. We had a great time carving them! Haiden helped separate out the seeds, and we roasted them. They actually turned out really good!

pumpkins3 haidenseeds2

My sister came out with Alysondra, and we loved that! Always love spending time with them!


Poppa & Tutu came over around 4, so Deon did the kid’s make-up and the kids donned their costumes.



Haiden was a “Zombie Warrior”, Kylan was an “Alien”, and Shelsea was a”Renaissance maiden”, Alysondra was a “Unicorn Pegasys”


UniPegasys UniPegasys2

After Poppa & Tutu left, and my sister picked up her brother-in-law from work, then we got ready to take the kids trick-or-treating.  We dressed up a bit too for fun 🙂


Here’s our pumpkins end results! We got lots of compliments!