Decency in TV Reporting?

10/19/09  Edit: Was told today that the “Boy in the Balloon” story was a hoax that the parents thought up to better put themselves in a position to have a reality TV show. Seriously something wrong with people. Sad when society encourages so much attention to negative, that people actually contemplate using negative actions to garner attention, and the media is more than happy to oblige!

10/16/09 –Original Post —

Its interesting to me, how far we’ve come in “Reporting the News”, and unfortunately not in a good way either.  I don’t watch it at home because we don’t have cable or satellite but every once in awhile when I am looking at a “News” reports on the internet, I will come across interviews or reports on show like “Today”.  Even with my minimal exposure, I find myself commonly repulsed by the actions and demeanor even of the talking heads that populate the “TV News” Industry.

The most recent interview that I watched online, was about the “Boy and the Balloon”.  Yesterday, a 6 year old boy who everyone feared may have climbed in a huge helium balloon and floated away when the tether was released from his back yard.  Military, and many resources were pulled in when the boy couldn’t be found. As it turned out, the boy had been hiding in the attic as he had gotten in trouble earlier.

I went to to check it out as so many people at work had been talking about it, and I found this article.

(its not there now, been replaced with another video, this time about the balloon, but earlier there was a video interview with the family on the “Today” Show’.

The family all looked tired and beat. The kids were half asleep because “Today” is a morning show I believe, and on the east coast, while the family is in Colorado.  At one point the 6 year old, who previously looked as though he were sleeping, sat  forward and threw up. Instead of pausing the interview,  Meredith Vieira didn’t miss a beat and continued on to ask the next question,  about wither or not it was all a hoax. The family obviously frazzled, as Mom gives the child a container to throw up in. The cameraperson not only films it, but they even pan down to see the container at one point! The Dad tries a couple times, but then finally is able to get out his answer to what Meredith just asked, all the while, you can still hear the child throwing up more in the background.

Then after Meredith askes her “harder hitting” questions, and after the boy has stopped throwing up on national TV.. only then does she offer to give them some time…

Insane..  I really have very little respect for our  “News commentators”.

The majority just seem so plastic and fake. Its obvious that its all about making the story as dramatic and big as possible.  I had actually seen this same Meredith woman in an interview a few years back questioning a woman on how she could possibly be attracted to her husband, who was slightly different looking, but not gruesome or anything…. with him sitting right next to his wife!  Tell me that wasn’t all for a reaction.  It was so disrespectful I thought, because she didn’t even phrase it nicely. It was seriously “How could you possibly be attracted to him” with a repulsed look on Meredith’s face as she said it.

I think this brand of  TV “News” (using the term loosely) that we now have is just about completely worthless. Its especially sad when you consider how many people out there are gullible enough to just agree with what the talking heads say..  or how many who just enjoy getting caught up in stupid drama, childishly whining about small points, instead of working on actually resolving anything. Its all about the drama!

No wonder we are in the mess we are in! We are inundated with idiocy all in the name of “24 hour coverage”.  Its not news anymore, its their sick form of “entertainment”.