The Pathfinder finally found a new path!

End of story first…    We found actual buyer for the Pathfinder, and sold it .. for real this time! .. ( I’ll explain this more later in the post). I’m so glad! It was a good vehicle, but we weren’t using it.  Plus it gives us a something to catch up on a few things with, and it’ll be roughly $70.00 less a month in insurance costs. Yay! might give us a little more breathing room than we’ve had lately.

Now to explain the “for real this time” statement. It has been an interesting week. Long story short, We had put the Pathfinder up on craigslist, and had a girl call us to buy it from us. She came out,  paid us for part of it, and gave us a check to cash the next day for the rest. She signed the back of the the registration and filled out part of the title, and my husband ended up driving her home because she didn’t actually know how to drive a stick, but was going to learn. (should maybe have been a red flag there I suppose)

An hour later I get a call. She wants her money back, and wants to give us the vehicle back, as she is now in huge trouble with her parents.  Shortly after that conversation, I got a call from her Mom. As it turns out, she was #1 underage (bad on my part, I should have required her to show me some ID, although she said she was in college, and looked around 22-23 to me.. ><) #2 She had taken the money from her Mother without asking for it. It was money they were setting aside for a car, with the sidestepped premise that a parental unit needed to be involved in vehicle selection. In speaking with the Mother, she said if we could take it back, she would be agreeable to us keeping $100 to cover whatever costs would be involved in getting the title replaced, and that she hoped it didn’t cost us anything, and that we just got $100 out of the deal for our trouble. Plus she thought it would be a good reminder to her daughter, to be out something, for not abiding to the agreement. (The Mother was pretty cool about it.. It could have been so much worse!)

So.. we  ended up “buying” it back from her two hours later, we gave her the check, and all but $100 of what she had given us, and alas.. the Pathfinder.. found its path back home to our driveway.

Ended up having to call DMV a couple times to figure out what we needed to do since she had already filled out 1/2 of the information on the back of the title. The first DMV employee told us we’d  have to get signed Bills of Sale showing us selling to her, and one her selling it back to us, and that we’d still have to pay $77.00 to get a new copy of the title because we can’t just cross her name off of it. The Second DMV associate  said that we just needed to have the two Bills of Sale’s (that the first person said), but that would be all we needed.  So like many things, I think its going to be just the luck of the draw as to if we have to pay anything to get it fixed the way DMV needs it to be, it will just depend on who we talk to down there, and what their perception is on the subject.  Should be interesting.. we’ll see how it goes.

Last night, we had two other  people check it out, and the last one really liked it and offered to buy it on the spot. We told him about the “adventure” we had just had, and explained it all, which he was fine with. We gave him his own copies of the initial two “Bills of Sale” as well as the third “Bill of Sale” to him, to hopefully make his paperwork issues easier in case it comes up when he is trying to get it put in his name.


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