Guns & Grudges..

Its disheartening how much pain we cause ourselves and others by being prideful and sticking so close to our guns. Guns and grudges that should have disappeared a long time ago, but we cling to them allowing them to define our actions, and sadly, we let them define us in the process, limiting our potential, and robbing from us many simple joys. We push others away when we can’t find it in ourselves to rise above our own fear, misunderstanding, and anger.  Control is not the answer, its the prison. Its only when we give up the desire to control, that we find peace and freedom.

You don’t have to agree with those around you, but regardless of what you think, it is not your place to decide whats best for others. Nor is it realistic to believe you can force a way of thinking upon someone.  There are times where relationships require limits. It is better to set bounds, but be respectful to those boundarys. Take caution to do so in a honest manner, and avoid letting situations become little knives to twist and jab at each other.  No matter what you think, be respectful of the individual, and remember it really isn’t your opinion that matters in the long run.

Be willing to access your actions, all the justifications in the world won’t alleviate the pain we cause others, even unintentional.   Be certain that what you do in the name of other’s well-being is totally honest. Be willing to let others make, what you veiw as mistakes. Life is the best teacher.

Spend more effort inspiring and encouraging others  to be the best they can be, than trying to find ways of pulling the reaction out of them that you want.

The idea of control is a trap. In truth, you have no idea. You can only guess at what you think is good, and many a time things are done passive-aggressively under the guise of doing whats best for someone else. At some point in time, you have to allow others to make their own “mistakes”.  Be willing to accept that sometimes mistakes are neccesarry to grow.