I’ve woken up the last 4 days just feeling pretty crummy. Tired and a tiny bit sick to my stomach, the latter of which subsides as the day goes on.  Not sure what the deal is, even went to bed early last night, but the energy just isn’t there, and balance has taken a lot more effort.

Guess its time to load up on the vitamins again to see if I can pull myself out of this slump.  Most times I can pretty effectively just push on, but every once in a while it gets extra tough.   Just really tired lately… ack!

We find out either today or Wednesday if we sell our Pathfinder. We aren’t needing a 2nd car at the moment, and would really like to not be paying the extra insurance for it to sit there. Its been good to us,  but I still hope it sells. Help us get a few things caught back up.

Deon’s neck and shoulders are still giving him problems.  Luckily his pain has gone down since his original injury, but when he does too much, it becomes painful and still swells up pretty quickly He has a pretty hard time getting comfortable.  On the bright side, he hasn’t smoked in two months, He had used Chantix (sp?) under his doctor’s advice. Its funny because the warnings had said that it could make him more depressed and frustrated, when actually it seems the lack of nicotine has actually alleviated some of his frustration. He had hasn’t even been tempted in well over a month.  He’s doing awesome, and its really nice to be married to a non-smoker!

We are very proud of Shelsea, we got her report card, and she is doing extremely well. She received a B in Math, and A’s in all her other classes! She seems to be blossoming very well in middle school. Her whole attitude has changed. She’s excited to get good grades, and enjoying her studies. I’m very glad!

Haiden’s new speech teacher seems to have quickly identified where the remainder of problems  with some of his sounds fall.  Mostly in how he holds his mouth. I’ve noticed a real improvement in pronunciation and effort.  She thinks that it won’t be long until he’ll have it down and not need to go anymore. He’s a pretty amazing little guy.. He’s dealt with a lot in his 9 years. He is  so smart and quick.. I have to remind myself to not get frustrated with him at times, because often he recognizes the correct answer before I do, and in his willingness to help, is explaining it all, which can be frustrating when you are the parent who is supposed to have the answers.. lol

Kylan is getting so big! He is growing so fast, and getting so tall.  He and Haiden are near the same size anymore, I have to look twice sometimes.. lol.  Kylan is really pretty thoughtful in his own right.  He made me smile the other day when we were sitting outside of his school waiting for his brother to come out. He looks at me and says “Mom, we are such a lucky family.”  I asked him why he thought so, and he said, “because we don’t need stuff to be happy, and we have each other and we have nice people in our family.”

Awww.. 🙂