Appraise your treasure!

If I say “Treasure” what is the first image that pops in your mind?  Not unlike many who were brought up reading, watching, or hearing tales of adventure and treasure, I bet many visualize a Treasure Chest overflowing with gold & silver and various other jewels, and jewelry. But like my favorite quote from one of my most favorite movies says “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate

If only we were all a little bit better at appraising treasures in our own lives.  It seems like commonly things have to get difficult before we learn to appreciate.  We have to be hit over the head so to speak, before a level of appreciation comes into play. Absence make makes the heart grow fonder.. but why? Why let it get to that point?

In all truth, sometimes once you’ve lost something, there is no getting it back, and by that time – the appreciation you learn is only bittersweet, if not painful. It may teach you to be more appreciative the next time, but wouldn’t it have been less traumatic (on everyone/thing involved)  to take a little time to value and appreciate what we have now?

One of the greatest sources of depression is  spawned from this common inability to appraise the real treasure in our lives. This world we live in has an attitude that almost everything is  replaceable. We are incredibly spoiled with things and stuff and stuff and things, to the point where we actually start to view some of lifes luxuries as being necessities.  We at times focus so much attention on what we think we are due, and what tragedy it is that we don’t “have” exactly what we “want”, how we want it. In the mean time we ignore our blessings and sometimes inadvertently de-value them,  treating them more like “chopped liver” in the process. (chopped liver… which in the spirit of this post.. actually does have at least nutritional value, though is rarely anyone I’ve spoken to’s favorite dish.)

There is an air of happiness that falls in line with simple understanding and showing of appreciation. Accepting things and people for whatever value they actually have.  Ever notice that content people aren’t depressed?  I realize the “duh” aspect of that statement, but truly! Its the people who can celebrate what they do have, even if its very little, that are more content. They live far richer lives  than those who may be monetarily “far richer”, and go around chasing an ideal.  If you ever tell yourself… ” If only I had “X-item”, or “X-person”, or made “X-amount of money”, then things would be better,…. then.. then I would really be happy”, that is probably your first clue that an attitude or perception is awry. Correct yourself as quickly as possible!

We should always strive to identify,  celebrate, and appreciate the aspects of  treasure in our lives.

Real treasures are rarely packaged in a way that makes it obvious how valuable they are.  Real treasures tend to be more humble then that. Never thinking to scream out “Look at ME! I’m valuable!” Infact, it should almost put up a red flag if you find yourself treasuring something (or someone) that boasts how valuable it (or they) are. Generally it means you have found Fool’s Gold rather than the real thing.

2 thoughts on “Appraise your treasure!”

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