Middleground… where is it?

How I yearn for Middleground!

I sometimes dream of a place  that only exists in fantasy, kinda like Never Never Land, only with far less fairies and glorified misbehaving children.

Middleground would be a beautifully peaceful place of  open minds and actual intelligent discussions.  People would work together with enthusiasm to promote a healthier way of life. The inhabitants would be good stewards of the earth, and their actions would not at all be tied into monetary, political, or individual gain. A place where people felt safe to have actual conversations where they used actual facts, and were open minded to the fact that often there may be more than one “right” way to accomplish a goal. People would not be “demonized” just for having a different take or view.

Nice dream I know, but wouldn’t it be nice? 🙂

What induced this daydream you may ask? Mostly it is out of a lot of recent head shaking.. Not physical head shaking mind you, its nothing that can be pinned to the MS or any other unknown issue I may have.  Its spurred out of wondering sometimes what people are thinking.

I’ve come to the conclusion that common sense just doesn’t grow on trees, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t appear to be as  ‘common’ as its name implies.. in fact, I think it should be relabeled to be called “Rare Sense”

Lately I’ve just really noticed an impatience in myself with people. Its a flaw I will work on resolving in myself because maybe I’m just having a “blue” time and its not as bad as I think.  I’m open to the possibility…

Sometimes I just get emotionally tired. I feel like I live in a constant state of “weighing in” how much I let myself trust any information anyone gives me about almost anything. Paranoia or self preservation? I don’t rightly know at this point.. maybe its just discouragement. I’m kind of sad about the way the world is going.

With each point someone tells me, lately my mind seems to pour over not only what the person is saying, but also things like – taking considerations as to why someone may believe something to be true, what they are hoping to accomplish by repeating it, what their motives are, and the degree in which I can trust what they say.

I just kind kind of feels like our society’s priorities have shifted into an extremely material mode. Selfishness run-a-muck, and money being the priority in most everything. Its an overwhelming “all about me” attitude.

Many just don’t seem to think twice about saying negative things about others or to others. There is little thought given to the damage even simple words can do.  It doesn’t seem to even matter if something is true or not, because once the implication is out there, its hard to combat. People seem  content to  blindly follow the herd.  Information manipulation is common place and it’s just accepted, and sometimes even praised.. its sickening.

I can hardly stand to listen or read even the news anymore. It seems to all be so theatrical, and even the regular news shows just seem so much more like tabloids than anything else. Catty responses and insincerity, especially from tv reporters who seem so incredibly fake and fickle . Most have no problem reporting on things they know nothing about, and the bigger and more scandalous they can make things sound the better. Even the most serious of events are twisted and stretched to get the networks more “bang for their buck” I suppose.

I don’t know if it has always been this way, or if I’m just slow and just now noticing. It just seems that everywhere I look, that people are so disrespectful with their words and actions. Its not just kids, its adults a whole lot. I don’t think adults have much right to complain about kids when as adults we don’t insist on a certain level of respect to be maintained, not only in how we interact with people ourselves,  but also in those we even inadvertently “support” by continuing to buy in to their antics.  People make lots of money off of us. These celebrities, big and small are recognized and at times praised  for having bad priorities and being selfish and spiteful towards others, and they continue to be successful. Its no wonder kids are so confused!  We really need to spend more time explaining this crazy world, either that, or fixing attitudes..

I don’t understand.  have we gotten to the point where the whole world has excessive  ADD, and has to constantly be entertained?  Must everything be such a menageries?  Its no wonder we are in the predicament we are in.. so many just don’t seem to care, and even worse, don’t seem to even detect a problem.

So much is concentrated on how much money we can make, our physical appearance, keeping up with or being better than “whoever”.  Little to no value is placed on character or integrity, its all about the money it seems.  Its extremely depressing, even for an optimist. So many real issues go unresolved, actual problems are barely addressed and at times ignored.

Maybe I’m just a grump today.. if so.. sorry to those who endured.. course I guess you could have stopped reading at any point.. hehe…

in any case, my blog is a cheap form of therapy…


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