What is hope?

What is hope? Why is it important?

Hope has many definitions, but the one that I found that  I think is the most complete states; “to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.”

I think that it is imperative for our human spirit to have goals.  It is what keep us going, what keeps us moving forward, and without goals we will wither away. In order for us to accomplish our goals, we need to have the desire to put forth the effort, and what inspires us to invest this effort? Hope of course! A hopeful attitude is near required to reach any of our goals and dreams for our life.  Hope is what gives us the strength to get through some of the tougher instances in our lives.

I maintain the speculation that choosing to live a life full of hope and coming upon the end and finding you were wrong,  is still far less of a tragedy then living a life with no hope, and finding yourself right.

This is my stand on my MS. I may be wrong in the end, but I choose not to just let it take me down, not spiritually anyway.  I can see the differences when I allow things to get to me and start worrying.  In the end, I suppose it will do what it will do, but in the mean time I am hopeful that I can do what I can, that I can listen to my body and fight it as much as I can, and that overall, it will be me that prevails in living my life.. not the MS.

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