Celebrating a life…

I would be pretty amazed at this point if anyone could honestly say that they hadn’t heard that the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson passed away this past Thursday. Even before Television could  report it,  news spread amazingly fast over the internet.

As huge of a sensation as he was, he was not above problems. Pain medicine dependence, and scandals plagued the last years of his life. While he was acquitted and found not guilty, its one of those instances where suspicion can never be erased.   I contend that sticks and stones may break your bones, but words CAN actually ruin you. This is something that I periodically try to stress to my kids. Trust is lost incredibly easily, and in many cases it doesn’t have to even be proved that you have done anything wrong, its the insinuation that you may have that does the most damage. Part of protecting yourself is not getting yourself in to situations where things can be questioned.

Regardless of whatever the truth actually is, there are many that are still pretty adamant as to what they “believe”. Many are not the least bit consciousness of simple truth that they will never actually know for certain. Possibly saddest of all is that there are even those that don’t even really even have an opinion, they just repeat things to get laughs.   I’m of the opinion that I’ll never know.  Not only that, but its not my place to know, or judge what can’t be proved without a reasonable doubt. So on that unfortunate subject, I say that only God knows, and since an audience with God was Jackson’s next appointment, it should be left at that.

Michael Jackson has been been a globally recognized brand for the past 4 decades.  Whether or not you loved or hated him, the fact cannot be argued that the man had a tremendous impact on the music industry. He was a very talented entertainer, he was amazingly good at the things he was good at. Singing and Dancing were definitely his god given talents.  He was a huge part of music as I knew it growing up. The music was fun and made me smile, if not dance. It is a little amazing to me that I didn’t even really realize how much of his music I really liked growing up.  I was one of those that loved music, but never really kept up with who was singing the songs.

Saturday our family watched  a few tributes on Youtube.com and else where. We played some of his music, and through it was transported back to distinct periods of time in our own lives. Memories that hadn’t been thought of in quite awhile, in many regards, through listening to the tributes that were initiated to celebrate his life, it actually ended up inspiring us to celebrate our own!

So with that, I leave you a couple of my favorites…

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