Thoughts of an Optimist…

What good does it do anyone to cry that their glass is half empty?   In my opinion a half empty glass is an obvious display that you’ve already had more good than bad..

#1 You have a glass don’t you? stop complaining, some people don’t

#2 Someone at some point thought enough of you to offer you a glass in the first place, or you had enough wealth to buy a glass, or enough knowledge to make one.. You were blessed..

#3 If its “your” glass, then that means you’ve probably been drinking off of it all night right?

#4 You still have the whole other half available to you don’t you? Plus sometimes, its the last of the drink that tastes the best.

#5 Chances are that when you finish the other half, that your thirst will have been satisfied.

#6 Even if your thirst isn’t totally satisfied, or you are whining because someone only poured you half a glass to begin with,  its still fact that you now have an empty glass that you can fill with whatever you wish. An opportunity to try something else if you want..

Want me to go on? hehe.. I can go on for quite awhile, I can be quite annoying with it when I choose.. ^^

It does us no good to dwell on the negatives.  It is wasted energy that gets us no where near our goals.  There are some thrive on the attention, but in the end all they will have is a few words of pity and sympathy, and they will still be in the same situation because they focused on the injustice instead of finding a way out of the hole. While others may try, you are the only one who can control your attitude, so use it as a tool instead of a dead weight.

Struggles and problems aren’t really the enemy, many provide the opportunity to learn important things we not yet know. No – the real enemy can quietly lie undetected in how we choose to react to our problems, and that is what causes us the most pain.

Live, Learn, Laugh, and most of all Love!

~ Serina

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