What do you believe?

I find it interesting how, being the very unique individuals we are, we still seem to have this incessant need to define and categorize ourselves. We do this not only with our religions, our politics,  and many other public and private preferences. As much as we fight to not be stereotypical, we still tend to put ourselves in these neat little boxes.

Why do we do this? We do it because humans are social beings… even the so called anti-social ones.  I say “so called” because no matter how much a person claims to not care, or not want to be around others, the fact is we all have our own ideal of how we want to be seen by ourselves and others, an internally and sometimes hidden desire of how we want to be classified.

So in considering these classifications, it makes me wonder.  In the classifications that we choose for ourselves, How many things do we really believe in because we actually believe in them? How many things have we actually put thought into, and actually believe because where our heart or head leads us when the subject comes up?

How many “beliefs” are purely based on others? Based off opinions from parents, friends, church members, coworkers, etc..? How many things to we “believe in” just because we are expected to… by whatever category we’ve put ourselves in? In truth, how many times to we just accept a full viewpoint as being our own, even if we haven’t personally put any thought, or investigated it for ourselves?

Just curious…

Here is an example of what I mean, How often do people vote for someone purely on what political party they affiliate themselves with? Maybe I am under informed, but is there a book out there somewhere that bullet points out what you believe if you are considered a part of a political party? A Republican or Democrat? a Liberal?

I get that a religious affiliation’s bible is their book that serves this purpose, but then there are so many offshoots because of differential (sometimes oppositional even) perceptions of the same exact words.

It seems a bit overwhelming when you think of it. Who is on “right” side? Aside from personal preference sometimes researched, and many times not… how do you know where you stand?

I don’t think its healthy to just accept, or expect that just because someone affiliates themselves with the same group you do, that they will have the same motivations and agree with you.  Nor is it intelligent to think that just because someone is “in” what is viewed as an “opposing” group as you, that they will automatically have different personal motivations, or that everything they stand for is wrong.

I think its intellectually irresponsible to harbor a closed mind. We are too unique as individuals for a world of millions to be that cut and dry, that black and white. I think the world is largely comprised of varying shades of grey.  You can find bits of  truth in everything, even when its an idea you don’t particularly buy into completely. Everyone has different experiences and have uncovered very separate and different bits of truth…

Why close your mind and cut yourself off from whatever possible bits of truth you can find?  Life is a scavenger hunt.. 🙂

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