Note to self…

Interesting new phenominon in my realm of MS symptoms… Its odd but about 10 minutes after I eat during the day, My left leg feels hot, and is extra sensitive to the touch…

Anyone else with MS have weird little things like that?  I guess its time to re-evaluate my diet again..  a new or another food allergy perhaps..  or the fact I haven’t been as good at taking all the vitamins I am supposed to as of late…   will need to get back in routine…… and bring back out the food journal for the next couple weeks …

Deon’s been off work a couple weeks now for a probable torn muscle in his shoulder that is giving him problems. Unfortunately it continues to cause more and more pain for him. We were pretty close to going to the ER, but he decided to take a stronger pain medicine and wait it out.

It is extremely frustrating to watch him hurt. Mostly that there is nothing I can do really aggravates me.  Nothing but pray I guess.  I keep praying that he heals correctly and feels better soon, and secondary that his work is patient because he is really worried about that.

Give it to God I guess.. right?

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