When Allergies Attack!

I grew up on a rural farm of 181 acres just outside of Dayton. 18 years being of constantly surrounded by Grass, Hay, Trees, Pollen, Animal Dander,  and anything else you can imagine that for someone with allergies might become an issue.  Growing up, I never had a problem. In fact up until my early 20’s, and my pregnancy with my second born, I never paid attentention or thought twice about allergies.

With the birth of our son, came a whole slew of learning about the effects of allergies. He has some enviromental allergies, though we haven’t pin pointed the exact cause or causes of that one yet (Although seems to be better at the new house).  He has food allergies which in this past year we’ve actually identified and dealt with…  wheat, gluten, dairy..etc…

We’ve accepted it and have found different ways of dealing with the food limitations for him. This past week I actually found a store that sells a mix for homemade gluten & dairy free  bread, cookies, brownies, and pizza dough!  You can imagine our excitement… well maybe you can’t, but know there was some slight squealing in the aisle!  LOL!

We’ve stocked up with children’s benedryl, and things for some of his other unidentified allergy(ies). They put in a special filter in the house ventilation system to help him with it, as well as we opted to not have carpet on most of the first story of the house. 

We’ve assured him that nothing is “wrong” with him, when he pointed out that neither of his siblings seem to have any problems at all.

Whats interesting to me though, is that while I totally able to deal with doing things that make it easier on him because of all the allergies, I still for some reason, (aside from the food allergies which I totally accept and know to be true) can barely accept that I myself might have some enviromental allergies as well. 

Since he was born, I’ve had “sinus problems” and “colds” pretty consistantly each spring. I’ve always explained it away as something else, but funny how I seem to feel better with Benedryl or something else along that line. Even crazier is that every spring I seem to forget for a few weeks of misery… till someone reminds me to try it again.

Why is that?  I mean he’s 9 years old..  I should know by now, and should be able to just admit it… not like its a big deal…

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