Good time to leave!

Last night when I was picking up a few boxes from the old house, I left a couple of the kid’s old bikes in front on the sidewalk with a sign that said “FREE”. There are actually a few kids in the area, and I thought someone might be able to use them before I just hauled them off to the ReStore or Goodwill.

So this morning I received a call  from the managers of the mobile home park where we used to live. They were calling to tell me that we aren’t allowed to leave any toys or items out in front of the moble home.  I explained that it was just a few things (5 total – three small bikes, a vaccume, & a carseat) with a sign that said “FREE”, and that it had been just overnight to this morning (seriously a total of near 14 hours.. not even one whole day!).

She said we weren’t allowed to do that….. and told me I needed to get them put inside.  I told her that I could go by there this evening.    She asked if we were living there, and I told her that we were moving.  She told me that we would have to file paper work with them if we were thinking about selling the home.  By this time I’m getting frustrated because she called me at work no less, and told her that I would talk to my husband about it.

She asked me if I had recieved the “courtesy letter” of the needed fixes for the moble home. I again told her that I would talk to my husband and call them back later, and got off the phone with her.

I had indeed seen the list of updates that were “required” to happen.  We just painted the moble home not more than 18 months ago, yet it was on the list of things required to do, along with replacing all the skirting and removing all the landscaping rock that we had put in, as it wasn’t “approved  landscaping material.”

This is the same park that wouldn’t allow me to put in a vegetable garden because we were on a corner lot, and the only spot that could be considered  “in back” was underneath the two big trees by the shed where nothing can grow.

The same park that wouldn’t let us put in a fence so that our kids and dog could play outside. We had been told to measure the area, draw it to scale and submit it to them.  Over 3 years ago, we had done this and they would not approve it.

The same park that (before we moved in), wanted to force my father-in-law to remove the beautiful quality ramp that he made for when his mother who was in a wheel chair had  lived there with them .  It would have been one thing if it was crappy looking, or even questionable – like made out of plywood or something but it wasn’t. It was made out of quality deck material, and he did a beautiful job!

The same park that the year we moved in, they told us they were raising rent, that year, but that they rarely raised rent, maybe once every four to 5 years at most. However –  interestingly enough, they preceded to raise the rent every single year after that. In addition to that, about a year ago they raised it by double the normal increment they usually raise it – “Because they should have raised it more than they did the year before”.

The place is in my opinion a trap! I’m really glad to be out of there, but I still feel really bad for some of my old neighbors. When the space rent costs more per month than the cost of the home you are living in, and you get nothing but the privelege of having your home sit on that piece of ground.. there is something wrong. To be fair, I guess you get the right to go to the pool… that is rarely open… ><

Most of these are older people on fixed incomes to begin with. Its crazy, the park then wonders why people have a hard time affording to keep their homes perfectly up to their standards.

A neighbor of ours wanted to take our swingset, but she had to get “approved” to be able to put it in her back yard for her grandkids.  It is crazy!

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