Moving In!

We started moving into our house on May 8th.  We are so happy! Kids love it, and so do we.  We have most of our stuff over now. There are a few boxes that we have to go pick up at the old place, but the most important things are now home. It really does feel like home. More than any place I’ve ever been. I’m so happy to be there, and feel so blessed to have it finished.

Its funny, but being a homeowner now makes me feel more like a responsible adult.. lol! Not that I thought I was irresponsible before. Its just that even though we always figured things out and paid our rent and things before, its different now because its ours, and not Deon’s parents house. The safety net is gone because there isn’t another option, it really is up us. While its a little scary, it feels really good!

The living room at the moment has tons of boxes, and a couple scattered piles of pictures that need to be put up. I’ve been trying to figure out where things should go that would make the most sense. Shelsea lucked out as our really tall (and really nice) chest of drawers would not fit up the stairs and around the corner, so she ended up with it in her room downstairs, which she was ecstatic about. I told her that just meant that I expected to never see any clothes on the floor in her room. (Yes I realize this is probably an impossible mission for her, but I thought I’d at least try.. lol)  She also ended up with the book shelf in her room, which is ok, maybe will encourage her to read more.. lol 🙂  I’m kidding, she does like to read, just slightly less than Haiden.

Yesterday was Shelsea’s 11th birthday! I took her to the store, and she picked out a couple of shirts. She likes to “shop” which is not something I really do, so she really enjoyed the opportunity. She’s far more “girly” than I ever was, or ever could dream of being.

After I got everyone home yesterday and put the kids to bed, I noticed that I have tons of bruises on my legs. I don’t remember abusing them that much while moving boxes, but I must have. It wouldn’t bother me as much if I remembered anything that would have caused them. They seem to have come out of no where, but then I seem to have limited feeling in my legs sometimes from the MS, so maybe I am banging them up, and just not realizing it… was just odd.

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