House Dedication :)

Created a little video of the progress through completion.. (or near completion as it were.. hehe)

The Dedication was held this past Saturday, May 2nd, 2009.  About an hour before the ceremony it had been sprinkling all morning, and we drove out to the title company to meet and sign the papers for our new home.

The sun came out right before the dedication, and stayed out the entire ceremony and shortly after. It was even warm!  Once the dedication was over, and people started leaving, the rain started up again. It was pretty amazing our luck!

The house is mostly finished, there are little things that we expect will be done soon, and we should be moving in officially sometime this week! We are very excited!

This past year has been amazing! The whole thing has been amazing, and if anyone ever has a chance to be involved with the Habitat program, be it recipient or volunteer, I would definitely encourage it.  I have been playing with the idea of offering to be a family partner sometime in the future, and of course I figure since there are two Habitat houses going up on the same street I’m on in the next while, that I will have no excuse to be bored on a weekend!

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