The Next Chapter…

With the house wrapping up, and the premise of things returning to “normal” (whatever that is.. lol) I have been thinking about a couple things. I am hoping that I can return and be a little more prolific with my entries on my blog, as far as again furthering my own research in discovering how to listen to my body and better combat the MS symptoms. Thinking out of the box and being open minded about a lot of things.

I sometimes wish I had a more interactive space that allowed me to interact better and gave me the opportunity to host healthy debates and discussions about topics. I really think that being open minded, and challenging ourselves with thought provoking topics and being open to different points of view and opinions is one of the best ways we learn.

If done respectfully, it is a very useful tool in helping us to enrich not only our lives, but the lives of others. It gets very boring to not be challenged with thought provoking debate, and it allows us to become stagnant in our ways, which can be detrimental.

Another thing is that I recently started entertaining the idea of writing a book. In the past year, I’ve had three seperate people suggest it, and originally I disregarded the thought because I felt that it wasn’t an option. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea because I didn’t feel I was an expert at anything, therefore not qualified.

In thinking about it though, the idea of putting together supportive and thoughtful entries about various topics with the intent of giving it to my children has become appealing. I’m no expert at anything, but I have found (and many of you have probably noticed.. lol ) that if I’m passionate about expressing an idea, I don’t seem to have trouble expressing it on paper.. or virtual paper. 😛  Since there is nothing I’m more passionate about than giving my kids a sound foundation, and understanding that some of the things I want so much to convey to them will not be in their ability to understand for a few years or so down the road.  (I’m not demeaning them here.. they are just little yet.) I think it may be a good way to give them something that they can have even when I’m no longer around.

I may test some of the material on here from time to time. Least that is the idea. And any feedback is greatly welcomed!