More work & Easter festivities..

Saturday we took all three of the kids to help us paint at the new house. They each had their little rollers in hand, and we started before the other volunteers got there. We painted primer in the boys bedroom. I think it was good that they had got a chance to come work on it although after a while, the boys got too excited and weren’t listening  well, and kept walking too close to an area where they could fall down the stairs because the railing isn’t in yet. Deon ended up taking them home, and Shelsea and I finished working out at the job site.

It was actually kind of fun just us girls working on painting the next room together. She is definately starting the teenage years a tad early, but it I am glad that for the most part, she feels comfortable talking with me about near anything. I am enjoying the stage my three are at right now, for the most part they are fun to talk to, to reason with and they still basically make sense…  hehe.

Shelsea and I painted and talked, and enjoyed the time. Although I will mention that I think my least favorite part of painting is painting white primer on white ceilings!!  My back hurt by the end of the day, and my glasses were covered with little white specs of paint.. hehe.

We also had Alysondra later that afternoon. I went and picked her up, then brought her to our (current) house. It was a lot of fun having her. She is 3 mos old now, and seems to already have a very special bond with her Uncle Deon.. lol.  When she gets really upset He’d simply pick her up and was then she was perfectly happy again. Its really uncanny, but my husband is very good with babies.. more-so than me I think, and I usually have a pretty easy time with them too. I really lucked out with Deon though, many people complain that their significant others don’t help out much with little ones.. I remember my own Dad didn’t do much with any of the kids until they were big enough to actually go do things outside. Deon really does enjoy the little ones though. He had Aly smiling and playing, it was so cute!!

After my sister got off work, they came and picked up Aly, and we talked for a little while, didn’t seem like long, but appearently had been because I crawled into bed around midnight… I knew I was going to feel that in the morning.. lol!

Easter Morning, the kids were up at 6 am, which is normal for us, but Deon and I didn’t roll out of bed till about 8.  We went into town got gas in the car, then went over to Deon’s parents place. Then we followed Deon’s parents to his sister’s new house up in Portland (a little over an hour away).

There were many white specs, that cleaning my glasses was what “entertained” me the entire car trip up to Deon’s sisters for Easter Lunch. When we got there, Deon helped hide the easter eggs for the kids. After the kids tore up the entertainment room in the basement, I showed them the little tape that we got of Shelsea’s school talent show, and the few shots we got of Aly the night before. While we were watching those, one of the dogs ran off, and the older kids went and chased him down and brought him back.

Deon’s parents told all of us that come this summer, they would finally be getting the opportunity to do the traveling that they’ve wanted to do for so long. I’m really glad for them. What they have planned sounds like fun. They deserve the break, and I hope they have a great time visiting with family all over the country the next couple of years. It will be sad to not see them as often, but It will make it that much sweeter when they are in town.

When we left his sister’s, we got lost on the way out, but luckily my husband has far better sense of direction than me, so  after a quick call to his Dad to get us pointed in the right general direction, it wasn’t long before we found the way out.

From there we headed to my sister’s house to spend time with her and Aly before Trevor and Jeremy got home. Muriel had spent the day researching and making us a non-gluten, non-dairy meal that was what she termed “Serina & Haiden” friendly.. lol 🙂  She went to a lot of trouble, it was so sweet of her! She made duck seasoned very well, and chicken with a gluten-free bbq sauce. She made a cornbread that was awesome and an apple cobbler too!

I need to go shop more often at Albertsons where her husband works. When we move, it will be closer to our new house, so maybe we’ll take some time and check it out.  They have some more organic things, and more gluten-free and allergy free type stuff than our regular store we go to.  Haiden loved the cornbread she made as the two of us just don’t get to eat bread anymore, so it was nice. She sent some home, and he used some today to make a sandwhich for his school lunch.  He was really happy.. lol.

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