House Update…

New picture, full shot of the common wall. (Ours is the right side).

Apr. 4th, 2009
Apr. 4th, 2009

Mud/Taping was done this past week, and set to dry this weekend. Heating unit is in, doors have keys and and the place is locked up now which is good as I was told that someone actually came in and stole a few things a couple weeks ago.

I am told that wall texture will be done this week, and then we will be able to come back in and paint. They also mentioned that linoleum installation may be soon. I’m very excited to be finishing up.

Three weeks is the hopeful date finish date.. April 25th

Short offhand list of whats left:

  • paint walls & ceiling
  • paint exterior
  • cabinetry installation
  • appliance installation
  • door installation
  • linoleum
  • lighting fixtures/ other fixtures installed
  • carpet
  • driveway

there may be more, this is just what I could think of…

A local Garden group has met with us to help us figure out how to put in a garden. We will be working on that the first week of May. I find myself more interested in this than I have been in the past. We are going to have a small garden on the side of the house. Mostly food items, my daughter is also very excited at the prospect of being able to grow and cook what we’ll plant. One of her many plans for her life includes being a chef, so she has fun designs on practicing.. 🙂 The dietary changes we’ve made has made her more aware and more interested in eating organic foods.

There are three beautiful trees in the backyard that keeps it shaded back there, so will have to be more selective of any plants we put back there, which is actually ok, because more so the backyard is envisioned for an area for the kids and dog to play, as well as summer entertaining for the likes of BBQ’s with family and friends. Not that we do it a lot, but maybe we’ll try to more often.. LOL.. Nice idea anyway.

We have been packing things up slowly, its hard because we’ve even had to unpack a few things that we hadn’t thought we’d need. Luckily it was still fresh in our minds so we knew exactly what box it was in. I’m going to work harder at getting things ready to go. I kinda wish Easter would have been sometime in the last three weeks when there wasn’t as much going on.. lol. Luckily we aren’t hosting, but with so much going on between the house and helping at church.. I’m already tired and its not even here yet.. lol.