Gifts from Obama – What is it we want?

Just curious,
Does anyone else think its stupid that the press makes such a big deal about the gifts Obama has given to dignitaries? The newest being the iPod he gave the Queen of England.. to which she gave them a signed portrait of her and her husband according to MSNBC… uh.. yay?!? Like that was much better? I guess he could sell it on ebay.. but then she could sell the iPod there too.. 😛

Earlier this year there was the whole thing about the deeply meaningful gift made from wood of a sister ship to the one that’s wood was used in the making of a desk in the white house blah blah blah. To which Obama’s gift back was a stack of DVD movies.

But really in honesty? Why give the gifts in the first place? Ritual I guess, just pleasantries I suppose, but when you think about it.. If it was someone else doing the “gift giving” with a “business associate”… wouldn’t that be viewed as illegal? Bribery? Kick-backs?

Definitely not saying that I think they need to crack down on the president for giving gifts.. I understand that its more an expectation, but I definitely think the media should stop complaining about it. Personally, I think when you have a national debt as high as ours is, and an economy in our position, that maybe its not such a bad idea to maybe scale down some spending… don’t you? Since a big point in his speeches have been personal responsibility, it only makes sense to me.. Gotta start with yourself right?

I think its pretty crazy though for these people that are rich enough to buy near whatever they want, to have the expectation of receiving a gift when they go to meet on business…

Course times are hard right now, even for news and media I suppose, so I guess I should just allow them their deperate measure to have something “scandalous-like” to report on..

I guess really I should hope that they continue to report on measly stupid things like this.. because its better than them having some real scandal to report on….

Just my thoughts…