Kylan’s Birthday & misc other


This weekend we had Kylan’s  birthday party.  My “Baby” is now 6 years old…. *sniffle…  It was thrown together pretty quickly because we have been so busy!





My sister had came with Aly – got a few cute ones with her as well.




this is my father-in-law holding Aly.   My husband’s family has always really liked my sister, so they naturally claim her and her family too.. “Poppa” says he  has 7 grandchildren, and this is his and Aly’s first meeting.. lol 🙂


We took the kids to look at the progress on the house. The insulation appears to be done, and they will be working on drywall this week…



Here’s a pic of Deon & Shelsea, adding it because I like it.. lol


while this was this weekend as well, and it looks sunny and nice, it was so cold! I know its really was cold – not just screwed up sensations on my part because others complain too, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to get warm, and it affects my movement. I’m not sure how much I can blame on MS or that its just plain cold! I had heard I’d have problems with heat, but I wonder if others have MS problems with cold?

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