Busy Busy!

I found out that Habitat is envisioning that our house dedication will be on April 25th 2009! I’m very excited. I was told that we aren’t working at the site this week because they will be having some professionals in there doing a few things that needs to be done by professionals.. lol.

Works out good though, as a friend of ours let us know that they will be in our Oregon this weekend, and so are going to come visit us! I’m very excited! Our kids used to play together alot about 4 years ago before they moved to Louisiana, then more recently they moved to Washington.

LOL! not so funny story is that once, back when we lived at the apartment, we had gotten a new phone, so we gave the old handset to Shelsea to play with in her room… harmless right? Our friends came over, and their oldest (who was 7 or 8 at the time)  and Shelsea (age 6) figured out how to plug the phone into the actual outlet, and then proceeded to call 911 and then hang up! Our friend had to go, so rounded up her three kids at the time (she now has 5, I’ve never met her baby), and I walked them to their car.

Not two minutes after I came back in the apartment my phone rings and it is 911 Dispatch telling me they had recieved a hang-up call from our number. I assured them everything was ok, and apologized profusely. Confused at how that could happen, I walked into Shelsea’s bedroom to ask her if she had called 911, to see the phone actually hooked up. After talking to Shelsea and our friend, It came out that both kids had just learned about 911 at school, so decided to “test it out”.. hmm.. lol! The kids got their respective “talking to” and I decided to not let them use the old phone as a toy anymore.

Most visits weren’t that eventful back then, lol.. Kids really liked to play together, and I liked the opportunity to catch up with my friend. I’m excited to see them, and meet her youngest who is now 4 or 5.

We picked out the lighting fixtures last week for the house. We ended up having the opportunity to have a young woman from George Fox University who is studying Interior Design and for part of her internship,  come out with us. I was pleased to find that having her along turned out to be quite beneficial as she brought up points that we wouldn’t have thought of. She was pleasant, and thoughtful, and really listened to what we were looking for.

We used to watch “Trading Spaces” alot, and was I was really hoping that we wouldn’t end up with a “Doug”, “Hildy” or “Lauri” who were three who kind of bugged me on that show. She was nothing like them, so I was very pleased.. lol!

My sister and her husband have been very kind, and have saved us boxes from both their workplaces, so we actually have packed a few boxes now. Not as many as I would like, but we’re officially starting to pack.

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