Lost Lessons, Prejudice and its evils..

Lesson # 1 that people should have learned from their parents, but didn’t seem to…  “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

People are amazing.. their sense of logic sometimes astounds me.  As evolved and civilized as we think we are, we still allow some pretty stupid things to cloud our judgment, and opinions.  Why is our society so quick to embrace negativity? To promote actions, behaviors and thoughts that are destructive? I just don’t get it.

Be mindful that sometimes all someone has is hope.. don’t always be so quick to burst their bubble..

Without sounding all flower-powery… “Why put all that unnecessary negativity out there?” When will people realize that even negative statements and thoughts can really hurt, not only others.. but also themselves.

I was recently sitting at a table with a group of people who where talking about our new president, how he’s going to fail, and how things aren’t going to get any better, and the stimulus package isn’t working because the “markets are still falling”

My first reaction  (since being newly  interested in what exactly is going on in our government), was really pure annoyance.  Mostly because I know a good portion of the views being expressed there were tied more to a political party preference, than to any actual educated and investigative research on their parts.

My second reaction, was thinking to myself… hmm…. do these people realize he’s only been in office for a month and 5 days?!?  Has the money all been put to work?  Is it all said and done?  Seriously, how can they have an opinion that its failing already?

Lesson # 2 that people should have learned from their parents, but didn’t seem to…  “Don’t spread rumors, or cause drama”

Then to add insult to injury, later today I actually read a comment on facebook that someone was talking about the most recent weekly report  They were saying that for the first 30 days the president only talked about what a crisis we are in, and that this past weeks address was more along the lines of the clouds were parting and the angels were about to sing… (can we say overly dramatic…)  I later logged into the hulu.com to watch the most recent address from Feb 21, 2009 , since I hadn’t yet seen it.  Yes, it started out with a hopeful tone, but in no way was saying that everything was now going to be perfect like the comment I read earlier insinuated.  Infact, as I listened –  what I heard him say was “No single piece of this broad economic recovery can by itself meet the demands that have been placed on us”. Then actually later on went on to say..  “None of this will be easy”

Goes to show you, people allow all kinds of prejudices to affect their own understanding of what is said to them. Is that the fault of the person saying the words.. no.. its our own form of self-sabotage. We have  prejudices against other political parties, against races, and whatever other personal prejudice we’ve allowed to take shape in our own hearts..  Maybe the speaker has a gap in their teeth.. so we don’t actually listen to whats being said.  We skim along and make up what we think they are saying, or better yet..   come up with a version of what was said that will entice more drama when it is retold…. ohh the drama….

People really do just hear what they want to…  Its kinda sad when you think about it.. no wonder there is so many problems with communication! People rarely ever really REALLY listen!

Last qualm on this particular point… why is it that people feel the right to complain about practically everything, but can hardly ever offer a different thought out solution along with their complaint? And for some reason,  its ok to put down the person who is actively trying to do the work, when we haven’t done a thing nor have any real expertise on the subject…….

Bah…..  People need to get off their high horses… Really!

Lesson # 3 that people should have learned from their parents, but didn’t seem to…  “Don’t believe everything you hear”

So many times I’ve listened to people issue statements where they base their knowledge on  subjects upon something they once “heard”.  Me personally, I’m really afraid to say things that aren’t entirely true.. so if something comes up I’m hesitant to speak up unless I know something to be a fact, and have researched it myself..

I’m sure there are more Lost Lessons out there.. in fact if you can think of them, feel free to leave a comment with one or two… These were just the most recent ones I’ve thought about..

but sheesh… I think I once heard the sky was purple… maybe it actually is… hmmm…  /sarcasm off

Deep Breath.. ok  Smile!

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