House Update 2/24/09

Here is a picture of the house progress yesterday


First off – House update! We are getting very excited! It is sounding like it could possibly be finished sometime in the next 6 weeks..  (Notice how good I’m getting at those non-commital terms.. hehe)

Yesterday we finished the front porch…


I took the kids over there yesterday evening and took their picture standing on the new front porch. I’ll have to add that picture a little later… I think they are starting to imagine it being real now, because Haiden went home and packed a few things in a box.

I’m thinking that I’ll try and have a “Mellow Packing Plan” each week.. nothing stressful, but small things we can do to get ready, and make things easier later. This week I think we’ll wash and  box up all the blankets and sheets that we aren’t currently using, as I think that would be a safe place to start. Next week it may be books….

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